Should you consult a real estate agent first or a lender?

When buying a home for the first time, it is normal to have numerous questions. Getting started is the hardest part for most first time home buyers. Since you have to make a lot of decisions, the last thing on your mind should be finding a house first. Most people also ask if you should talk to a lender before a real estate agent.

Though a mortgage is an essential step in investing in real estate, getting the right real estate agent is more crucial. The mortgage forms a small part of real estate transactions. Talking to a real estate agent before a lender can ease the process of finding a lender. Most of the experienced agents can even recommend the right mortgage lenders to borrowers. They have an extensive database of lenders that they may have worked with in past transactions.

Talking to an agent first is also essential since the agent can refer a lender who has a proven record, making it easy to close the deal. Mortgage lenders rarely refer real estate agents to customers. Due to the nature of their job, a real estate agent has more connections that can come in handy when buying a home. They can even help you find the right property to invest in from Egis real estate.

Choosing a real estate agent can save you from making common mistakes. Before you call an agent, you need to conduct some research. Feel free to interview real estate agents so that you can find the right one for you. Call a real estate agent and ask for an appointment at their office. Let them know that you are talking to more than one agent to find the ideal person to work with. Though some people conduct agent interviews via the phone, meeting them in person is the best approach.

Since everyone has their own personality, interviewing agents can help you find one that is easy to get along with. Since you are likely to spend adequate time with your agent, you need to ensure that you choose the right one. Talking to an agent before a mortgage lender can help you get useful referrals. The agent can even help you match the loan type you desire with a lender that specializes in the precise kind of financing.

The agent also knows the best mortgage lenders in the field. Speaking to an agent before a lender can, therefore, save you a lot of time and prevent you from working with the wrong lender. Most real estate agents also refer local lenders to their clients. Working with a local lender can prevent you from losing a good house since they are always available for negotiations. Since real estate is a local affair, working with a local lender is the best choice.

An agent can also help you decide the right time to purchase the house. The agent can also take you through the home buying process so that you enjoy a smooth experience. Calling an agent before a lender is, therefore, the right step to take.

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